When Drs. Dawn and Paul Caruso established Hope For One More in 2010, they had this question in mind, “how can we do more?” From their experience as foster/adoptive parents and physicians who cared for children, they were very aware of the foster care crisis happening in our community.

The Vision, Providing emergency care for children who entered foster care .  Thus began Hope For One More with the mission “Giving kids in crisis HOPE”.

Due to the number of children entering foster care rising at an unpresented rate and the lack of foster homes, not being able to provide emergency care for children because there was no where else to go.  Hope Childrens Home began providing longer term foster care as a Large Family Foster Home.

With the number of children entering foster care continuing to grow, the programs provided by Hope For One More grew to serve hundred of children in care beyond the doors of Hope Children’s Home.

Today, HFOM is a full foster care support and advocacy agency that continues to grow, currently serving more then 1,000 children in foster care each year in Southeast Missouri.

The Number of families opening their doors to children in foster care in our community has increased and will continue to increase due to the efforts of HFOM’s expanded support and advocacy programs.

The home is again functioning as an emergency shelter for foster children coming into care, the enhanced programs and services will allow more children to be served and meet the changing demands of the needs that continue to grow.

All of our services and programs provided by HFOM continue to serve children in our community. The HFOM offices Downtown Cape and at Hope Children’s Home facility in Jackson are open and fully staffed.


Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission is to engage and educate our community so that families will open their doors to provide homes, normalcy and stability for foster care.

Our vision is to provide homes, reduce trauma, engage community support and support normalcy and stability in foster care.

Hope Chest Welcome Center

Children’s Home Living Room